A digital medical record which inspires through form and function. Work with Checkpad MED wherever you want

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In addition to WiFi, GPRS and 3G are also available for data transfer. Thus, all data can be viewed in both online and offline mode.


Findings, laboratory reports, documentation, image, video, audio and scan files – the Checkpad MED data server has them all

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Checkpad MED receives all of its data through a simple server structure. As a fundamental element, the so-called data server is used for primary data storage and data processing. Thus, it holds the interfaces to all relevant data systems.

The data server collects the desired information from the different systems. From the HIS server, which contains the master data, to subsystems in radiology, in the laboratory, OP, archive, etc. through to the image, audio and video servers, it takes the latest versions of the files and stores them in a separate database. Scanned documents are assigned to the corresponding cases via a web service and also collected by the data server.

All of these documents are processed in the data server, so that all medical records for all patients are ultimately available in a database.


Reliable data protection due to a multi-stage security concept

The data on the iPad and in Checkpad MED and the data transfer are protected by several levels of security.

Encrypted data transmission

The data streams between Checkpad MED or the iPad and the corresponding Checkpad server are encrypted according to the current SSL standard. Certificates ensure that Checkpad MED or the iPad can only be synchronised with the intended Checkpad server data.

User authentication

A two-stage procedure protects against unauthorised access to Checkpad MED. An initial PIN request secures access to the iPad. Checkpad MED itself is started by entering a second password. Furthermore, the screensaver will activate immediately after the use of the digital medical record, which again is only unlocked by entering the correct password. In addition to password entry for all users when starting up the tablet or iPod, the Checkpad MED Application works with the Mobile Device Management System, e.g. MobileIron®. Checkpad MED can therefore be “controlled” remotely and thus protected against unauthorised use. It allows you to restrict authorisation or install profiles and certificates, locate the device, delete remotely, lock and gain an overview of installed Apps and profiles. Each user receives access rights to a defined patient group or wards. This data is stored locally on your mobile end device and thus available to you at any time, even if you temporarily do not have any internet connection.

Loss or theft

Each time a user logs in, the Checkpad server automatically checks whether the respective iPad and the corresponding user are registered. If a device has been reported missing, the Checkpad server immediately deletes all data from Checkpad MED via remote access. If an employee loses the right to view the patient records, they will be denied access to Checkpad MED.