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Log in to Checkpad MED with your username and password.

Home screen overview

The digital medical record Checkpad MED provides you with access to all relevant patient data at any time and virtually everywhere in the hospital.

All applications available with Checkpad MED are divided into the main categories of workflow, my patients, other patients and the different service facilities. At a glance, you can see the most important information for your daily working process.


The workflow tool helps you to structure your working day and execute tasks effectively and efficiently.

Personal tasks

This workflow tool provides you with an overview of new events, findings and your own tasks for the day.

The yellow dot in this category shows you that a task to be completed has been created for you, e.g. by a colleague.

My tasks

You will find a detailed overview of your own To-Do’s under “my tasks”.

Tasks can be edited or supplemented or the priority can be changed.

The record of the patient in question will also be provided to you immediately, so that you can view the corresponding findings.

Furthermore, you can directly inspect all other categories in the patient record and gain an overall picture of the patient. Thus, you can work through your list of tasks quickly and efficiently.


You will see your tasks under “my tasks”: either created yourself or assigned by other colleagues.

You can see the tasks which you have assigned to your colleagues/ employees or yourself under “tasks by person”.

Selected patients and service facilities

My patients

Here you will see your patients or your team’s patients. However, you will also gain an overview of all patients who are currently in your wards.

Service facilities

In the respective wards, all patients located there and all findings for those to be treated can be displayed at a glance.

Service facility overview

The different wards for which you are responsible are listed in the service facility overview. The patient records are assigned to the respective wards.


By clicking on “Patients”, all patients located in the ward, the tasks to be completed and the patient movements are displayed.

Immediately after the start of work, you can gain an overview of patient movements in the last 12 hours to 10 days. Thus, you will be informed about which patients have been newly admitted, discharged or transferred as soon as possible after a weekend or holiday.

Retrieve findings

You can reach the new and subscribed findings via the service facilities.

If you have selected a finding, it will take you directly to the patient’s medical records.

Patient view

Tasks Patient

By clicking on a patient in a ward, their entire patient record will open. Here you can see which tasks for this patient have been assigned and their processing status.


In order to prepare for visits or conferences, the “Overview” provides you with all relevant findings and laboratory results for the patient at a glance. Here you can adjust diagnoses or assign tasks and investigations. The laboratory viewer also provides you with the option to view all laboratory results as you go.

Patient record

The patient record provides you with an overview of all relevant patient data.

The record is divided into several categories:

Furthermore, photographic records and audio recordings can be retrieved. All findings are sorted (by labelling, input and observation).

New information in the records

New events/messages

Three different coloured dots indicate new events or messages: