iPad Air mit MRT & iPhone mit Sonographie

Retrieve your patient's data during a visit or during the care process at any time and any place

Doctors' letters, medical histories, findings, laboratory reports and OP documentation, care and administrative documents are presented directly as image, video, audio and text files in brilliant picture quality. Whereas previously patient data had to be compiled in a time-consuming manner, this data is automatically displayed in the digital medical record with Checkpad MED. New findings and images are visible on all mobile end devices within seconds of creation.

At the start of work, you will be immediately informed about the patient movements over the last 2, 12, 24 or 48 hours. You will also receive all data concerning the ward, such as telephone numbers, number of occupied beds, contacts for the senior physicians and ward nurses.

MRT on iPhone

Increased efficiency

Without delay, always work with the latest data


Increased security

The protection of patient data is our top priority. All data is transmitted and stored in encrypted form and protected by geofencing and Bluetooth dongle


Always mobile

Access the latest records, even in offline mode


Brilliant media quality

Regardless of whether it is an image, video, audio or text file, Checkpad MED provides the best quality on all screen sizes


All patient info to hand at all times

View all relevant information quickly due to the clearly-arranged structure of the digital patient record


Regular synchronisation

Data updates in real-time on your mobile device

checkpad features on iPhone

Checkpad MED provides these features

Checkpad MED provides you with an overview of the relevant patient data quickly and efficiently. The most important information, such as the wards, the patients and the latest findings, will be displayed for you directly on the start page of the application.

When you select a patient, an icon bar will open, similar to the tabs of a classical patient record, which allows access to definable categories such as function, laboratory, radiology, histology, OP, etc.

As soon as you select one of the categories, all related documents will be displayed for you.

New findings and documents are sorted chronologically, unread documents can be identified at first glance due to the corresponding marking. By simply scrolling with your finger on the touchpad, you can go through longer document lists and view and compare older findings. Tasks concerning further treatment are simply entered into the medical record.

Work quickly, effectively and without delay thanks to the intuitive Checkpad MED control system.

View documents

View documents

With Checkpad MED, you have the opportunity to display e.g. findings, doctors' letters or laboratory reports directly on the iPhone. You can easily compare these documents and quickly track courses of treatment in chronological order. In addition to text files such as doctors' letters, you can gain an overview of the treatment as quickly as possible with videos, x-ray images, sonography or CT scans. When you log in for the first time, all new documents will be loaded in the application on your mobile device.

The corresponding files can be displayed immediately if necessary; long loading times are avoided

With the touchscreen, the user can easily navigate through image archives. Magnify an image using the entire display surface, compare details or rewind a video in seconds to a relevant point – the multimedia allows you to be fully informed in a few small steps.


Localization Fast On-site help for patients

By means of a bracelet, which can be complemented with a display, patients can be equipped with
battery-operated transmitters. A vibrator can also be integrated, and the battery life of the device,
which depends on transmission frequency, can last up to one week.

These transmitters can be mounted directly onto medical devices. The power supply can be provided
directly by the device and can be secured, additionaly, by a supplementary battery.

The anchors are screwed into sockets, as fixed points, which protect them against theft. They can
even be mounted above suspended ceilings. The anchor itself is connected via Wi-Fi.

Using this technique, localization in the building to within approx. 50 cm is possible. For this, preliminary
analyses with respect to walking distances and spatial relation are prepared on the localization
server. The localization data are processed are placed at an interface where they are also available for
medical systems.


Vital Sensors Saving lives with the help of sensors

Lohmann & Birkner’s Vital Sensors log patients’ vital signs for acute and long-term monitoring. They
are part of a Patient-Management-System responsible for data capture, analysis and documentation.

A variety of Vital Sensors are available depending on the station. Those Vital Sensors suitable for
medical care and used for recording parameters such as pulse rate, oxygen content, temperature and

The Vital Sensors are connected via radio and ensure the best possible freedom of movement for the
patient. The aim is that the patients are not actively aware that data is being recorded.

Access to the information gathered by the Vital Sensors information is gained via the Patient-Management-System. As a result, the data collected can also be accessed from mobile devices. Automated
evaluation is carried out from a medical perspective, based on critical values and the Patient-Management-
ensures that in acute disorders, the attending physician is notifi ed. Analysis tools allow
comprehensive evaluation, in particular, with regards to long-term treatment.

Authorization profiles for each function secure access control to relevant medical data.
The competence Team at Lohmann & Birkner Software Solutions GmbH advises medical staff in this